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What do we NOT do?
Let us talk about what we DO NOT do first!

We DO NOT generate traffic for your site.
We DO NOT help you to get a lower Alexa rank.
We DO NOT submit your sites to search engines.

What do we do?
Simply speaking we track your site's Alexa rank daily. We take daily snapshots. You can view the rank reports anytime by visiting our site.

How does it work?
Once you submit your site, we start tracking its Alexa rank from next day. We do some preliminary checks with the submitted URL hence the delay of less than 24 hours.

We track Alexa rank on daily basis without exception as long as your subscription is valid. This is also true for sites which do not have a valid rank.

When do I see my latest rank?
We take daily rank snapshots at Eastern Standard Time(EST) EOD. So if you are in the eastern hemisphere(Japan, China, Singapore, India, etc) you will have to wait a bit! Also note that EST EOD changes on daylight changes.

How do I see my site's rank history?
You can view the rank history details on the 'Site Details' page. You will receive a mail with the link to the page once we start tracking Alexa rank for your site. As of now login is not needed to access the 'Site Details' page.

Please 'Bookmark' or 'Add to Favorites' the link for daily use.

Alternatively you can login to view details of all your site submissions. On login, you will be presented with the list of links for all sites that you have submitted.

My rank is wrong. What do I do?
We gather data directly from Amazon(Alexa's parent company). Hence the likelihood of a wrong rank is very very less.

Nonetheless, let us know immediately if you think your rank is incorrect.

How many mails do you send? Do you send spam?
We send mails only to our registered users. We simply do not know other ids!

If you submit a site on T, you would get a welcome mail on T+1 with your report's link. Subsequently we send weekly mails, 4 in all. These mails are sent on T+7, T+14, T+21 and T+28.

These mails actually serve as reminders to check your site's progress. Many users have found these reminders useful.

Can I unsubscribe to the weekly mails?
Drop us a line and we will stop sending mails to you. However you would still get a couple of FREE-to-PAID-Upgrade reminders.

Can I cancel/delete my account or a particular site?
While we would be sad to see you go, you can delete a particular site or cancel the entire account. Simply fill up the contact form with details. Upon confirmation your request would be served.

Do you have a blog?
Yes! You can access it here.

We keep publishing articles useful to webmasters and bloggers. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed on the blog.

Alexa FAQs

What is Alexa?
Alexa is a company owned by It manages huge amounts of data pertaining to internet traffic. You can view more about the company here.

What is Alexa Traffic Rank?
You will find a zillion sites that go into details of how Alexa measures traffic and all. Hence we are not elaborating the same stuff again! In short, the Alexa Traffic Rank is an indicator of a site's popularity among Alexa's toolbar users. See what Alexa has to say about how it measures traffic here.

Is Alexa Traffic Rank really important?
Yes and No! There is no doubt that Alexa Traffic Rank is widely used by webmasters and advertisers. Advertisers may use Alexa Rank to gauge a site's potential to reach out to customers. A site with good(low) Alexa Rank is more likely to generate revenue.

That said, a website is not useless if its Alexa rank is bad. The site might still be reaching many visitors who are not using Alexa's toolbar.

Love it or hate it, many people use Alexa Rank as a starting point for analyzing a site. Anyways it doesn't hurt to have a better rank!

How do I improve my site's Alexa Traffic Rank?
There is only one short & honest answer to this question.
'Be active on your site. Write more & better content. Engage your visitors!'

If you own a blog/forum, you should publish articles regularly, maybe even daily! Use social media to reach out to more potential visitors.

This article might prove useful in improving your site's Alexa rank.
Quick Tips for Increasing Your Alexa Score Fast

My site's Alexa Traffic Rank is very low! Am I doomed?

If you are looking for revenue from your site, it is recommended to have a better Alexa Ranking. Thus if want to generate revenue from your blog/forum, it becomes imperative to have a good Alexa rank.

If your core business is not online, you may not crave for a good Alexa rank. A law firm, for example, should be ok with low Alexa rank as long as it is generating money from its core business. However, a good Alexa rank may help the law firm to reach out to more customers.

My Site's Alexa Traffic Rank is very good(within top 100,000 sites)! Can I relax?
NO! Getting to the top might be tough but remaining at top is tougher!

Remember that Alexa Traffic Rank counts the number of pageviews for the last 3 months. Thus if your site stops creating new content or engaging visitors, you rank will steadily worsen! The key is to keep writing more & better content consistently.

Where can I find the list of top sites? has the list of top 1,000,000 sites according to the one-month Alexa rank. Try the link here.

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